Do Good. Celebrate Culture. Rock out in Chinatown.

Our mission is to bring Calgarians together through their love of YYC Chinatown. We strive to show our love through community service, mentorship, and encouragement of each other. We are a network of compassionate leaders achieving positive change, all while celebrating Asian culture.

Check out some of our society values below:

  • To recognize and celebrate the cultural and historical significance of Calgary’s Chinatown.
  • To encourage Canadians from all generations and ethnicities to explore and learn more about Chinese/Asian culture and contributions to Canada
  • We are dedicated to community service and being active in community service at all levels
  • We seek to collaborate with existing Chinatown community associations whenever possible in order to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and unity within Chinatown.
  • Establish connection and meaningful relationship to help foster intergenerational communications.
  • To successfully reach our demographic, we are dedicated in delivering culture via excellent graphics, art, creativity, and social media.  
  • We aim to create a fun and friendly atmosphere where leadership and mentorship of others is fostered.

Interested in joining the fun??

Send us an email at or message us on Facebook!